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Hinkler AgTech Initiative

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Bundaberg Mixed Cropping Farming Enterprise Continues to Innovate

The team at Dandy Produce in Bundaberg continue to apply a range of innovative practices within their ultra-high-density avocado and macadamia orchard.

State-of-the Art Technology Provides Valuable Insights and Analyses for Tree Crops

The Green Atlas ‘Cartographer’ system uses a combination of advanced hardware and software to quickly collect vast amounts of data from orchards.

Innovative Technology A Win for Bundaberg Feral Pest Management Company

The ‘BoarBuster’ trapping system, adopted by Bundaberg’s Guardian Knight Pest Control, uses research-based, satellite-driven technology to address feral pig outbreaks.

Innovative Applications for Agricultural Drone Technology

Bundaberg’s OzTech Drones continues to lead the industry in new and innovative applications of agricultural drone technology.

Australia’s Leading Sweet Potato Grower Ahead of the Game with AgTech

Greensill Farming is one of the largest suppliers of sweet potatoes in the Australian Market thanks to a range of advanced, regenerative farming practices.

What Has One of Australia’s Leading Berry Growers Learnt from Their Move to Bundaberg?

Hillwood Berries has adopted a range of innovative technologies in extending their Tasmanian-based agribusiness to Bundaberg, Queensland

One of Australia’s Leading Agribusinesses shares their AgTech Insights

The Stahmann Webster team shares their insights into the role of Agricultural Technology in their ever-expanding macadamia holdings in the Bundaberg region.

AgTech Finds a Home in Australia’s Leading Protected Cropping Agribusinesses

Since importing the first Continental Cucumber seeds from Holland in 1984, Eden Farms, continues to be early adopters of a range of agricultural technology throughout their vast protected cropping enterprise.

On-Farm AgTech Adoption – What Can We Learn?

The Hinkler AgTech Initiative team share their reflections and learnings after facilitating more than 50 on-farm AgTech trials in the Bundaberg region.

Hinkler AgTech Initiative

Long Case Studies

Hinkler AgTech Initiative

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