Agtech In Our Region

Hinkler AgTech Initiative

The Hinkler AgTech Initiative (the Initiative) is being led by the Central Queensland University’s Institute for Future Farming Systems and is funded through the Hinkler Regional Deal. The Hinkler Regional Deal is a collaboration between the Australian Government, Bundaberg Regional Council and Fraser Coast Regional Council.

The Hinkler Agtech Initiative is a Bundaberg Agtech Hub tenant. Since inception in 2021 the Initiative has conducted 50+ trials with various producers using a range of technologies.

While the project is formally due to conclude in February 2023, the Initiative team will continue to play a role in agtech deveopment in the region. 

The Role of the Agtech Hub

The Bundaberg Region has established itself as one of the nation’s food bowls with a large and diverse agricultural mix. In terms of agtech, the region has growers and producers at various stages of the agtech journey.

Given our place in agricultural landscape, it makes sense to have a central hub focused on facilitating the adoption of technologies that will help our producers to be sustainable and competitive into the future.

Agtech Coordinator

The Bundaberg Agtech Hub is more than just a building. Thanks to funding from Bundaberg Regional Council and the Queensland Government Department of Agriculture and Fisheries, it also engages a part-time Coordinator whose role encompasses a range of activities to help facilitate adoption of agtech in the region. If you want to engage with the agtech ecosystem in the Bundaberg region, our Agtech Coordinator is well-placed to put you in touch with the right people.

Agtech Coordinator

David Wise
Regional Business HQ
Ph: 0491 646 941

We are developing Bundaberg’s own agtech ecosystem map

The purpose of this exercise is to better understand the relationships that currently exist as well as the relationships we need to develop to benefit agricultural industries in our region. Who is already working together? Who could benefit from working together?

In the meantime, visit The Australian Agritech Association’s Agri-Food Tech Map HERE

Make sure we have you on our map…

If you operate in an agtech-related field and you are active in the Bundaberg region, please feel welcome to get in touch with our Agtech Coordinator.

About the Agtech Hub

The Agtech Hub is a facility created for the purpose of advancing agricultural innovation and technology in the region.

Key Contacts In Our Region

Some key people who can connect you with suppliers, consultants, advisors and other producers.

Local Case Studies

Learn about some agtech trials that have been conducted in the Bundaberg region.