On-Farm Connectivity Technology


About the Technology

Zetifi offers a suite of Wi-Fi products designed to work together in scalable systems, ranging from single point/vehicle cells to whole-of-farm connectivity. Together, the systems eliminate communication ‘dead spots’ by extending the reach of existing mobile phone and satellite networks. Zetifi’s systems are based on a combination of fixed (Zeticell) and mobile (Zetirover) Wi-Fi cells. A ZetiCell is usually installed on top of a building, or as a standalone solar-powered unit in a remote work site and can provide coverage to phones hundreds of metres away or to ZetiRover cells up to 3km away. The ZetiCell maximises the reliability of the internet connection and Wi-Fi by using proprietary multi-carrier technology to combine a primary connection with a backup data connection into a robust Wi-Fi network.

The Trial

A suite of Zetifi Wi-Fi products were installed at an avocado and macadamia farm near Bucca, north of Bundaberg, where poor connectivity has been an ongoing challenge for business operations. The trialed system included base station, access point devices and a roving device.

This case study provides an overview of findings from the technology trials including:

  • Background
  • What the technology is
  • How the trial was done
  • Results
  • Cost/benefit analysis
  • Grower feedback
  • Additional considerations that should be taken into account when deciding whether to utilise the technology

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Trials conducted by Hinkler AgTech Initiative

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