What is Agtech?

Definition of Agtech

The Queensland Department of Agriculture & Fisheries define agtech as ‘any innovation used across the agribusiness and associated value chains (the agri-system) to improve efficiency, profitability, sustainability and credibility. It includes hardware and software, business models, new technologies and new applications.’

So agtech could include IT hardware, software, applications, robotics, autonomous vehicles, AI (artificial intelligence), sensors, imaging. It can also inlcude non-digital technologies such as cropping structures, packaging enhancements, more efficient machinery,  and biotechnology

Significance of Agtech

Many economic forecasters see technology as essential in enabling agriculture to support an expanding world population. According to the UN Food & Agriculture Organisation, sustainable food production must increase by 70% by 2050 in order to avoid a significant ‘food gap’.

Technology is a key part of the solution when it comes to improving agricultural efficiency and productivity. Here in Australia, the Australian Farm Institute projects that digital technologies could increase the gross value of production by over $20 billion per year.


Examples of Agtech In Action

Precision Farming

A farming management concept that uses technology to precisely monitor and control crop production. This technology can include GPS mapping, remote sensing, precision irrigation, and precision planting.


Due to their versatility and efficiency, drones are increasingly being used in agriculture for jobs such as mapping fields, surveying crops, and spraying pesticides.


Sensors can be used to gather data on weather, soil moisture, and crop health, which can help farmers make more informed decisions about irrigation, fertilisation, and other aspects of crop management.

Data Analytics

Agtech also involves the use of analytics to interpret large amounts of data from various sources, such as weather forecasts, satellite images, and sensor data. This data can be used to optimise crop yields, improve water management, and reduce costs.

Some Benefits for Your Farming Operation 


Higher Quality at Lower Cost

Powerful data that helps improve decision-making right throughout the production process has never been more readily available.


Cutting Edge Traceability

As consumers become more savvy, end-to-end transparent traceability of products is fast becoming an essential requirement.


Sustainable Production

Technology can improve capacity to not only protect the environment, but respond to environmental and climate factors.

JARGON BUSTER: What is meant by an ‘agtech ecosystem’?

In recent years, the word ‘ecosystem’ has been adopted by those in fields such as tech, innovation and entrepreneurship to describe the interaction between various people such as researchers, product developers, investors, sellers, government, and end-users. In that context it is really just a term to describe a community of people who play various roles and work together.

When you are first starting out on your tech journey, it can be easy to feel overwhelmed by some of the industry jargon. That’s why it’s a great idea to get involved and talk to others who can share their experiences with introducing new technology into their operations.


Local Case Studies

Learn about some agtech trials that have been conducted in the Bundaberg region.

Key Contacts In Our Region

Some key people who can connect you with suppliers, consultants, advisors and other producers.

Useful Resources

Helpful online resources to help you find out what is available and become familiar with some commonly used industry terminology.