Autonomous Pest Bird Management

Pest Management, Trials


Trial conducted by Hinkler AgTech Initiative.

The Bird Control Group’s AVIX Autonomic Mark II is a fully-automated bird repellent system that uses a laser beam ‘dot’ to deter birds in crops.

The birds perceive the moving laser dot as a threat and flee as it passes by. Random movement of the laser rather than in a pattern means means birds cannot ‘learn’ and pre-empt its movements. The system can be controlled and monitored via a mobile app.

The AVIX Autonomic Mark II was trialled in a peanut crop in Bundaberg. The system was operated continuously during the trial and monitored by farm managemnet and staff.

Key findings included:

  • Very high effectiveness rating from the grower with neglible plant damage from birds during the trial period
  • Grower also noted that the beam itself is invisible meaning no visual issues caused for neighbours, passing traffic or other animals.